Gravy Train Dog Food

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Brief Overview: Gravy Train first appeared in stores in 1959 as a pet food for Gaines and General Foods Corporation. It was a product for Del Monte from 2002 until Del Monte split in 2013 and their pet food division became Big Heart Pet Brands. Other brands owned by Big Heart include Nature’s Recipe, MilkBone, […]

Eagle Pack Dog Food

dog food.

Brief Overview: Eagle Pack was developed in 1985 in conjunction with veterinarians and dog trainers. It is a super premium dog food that is sold in specialty pet retail stores and some local pet retail chains. The food has no corn, wheat, meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The brand was purchased by WellPet […]

Dick Van Patten Dog Food

dog food.

Brief Overview: Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance dog food produces five product lines for dogs: canned food, dry food, dog food rolls, stew formulas, and treats. They also make cat food. The company is based in Burbank (Pacoima), California, and was founded in 1989. Their foods are marketed as premium pet foods that are “The […]

Back to the Basics Dog Food

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Brief Overview Back To Basics dog food is a premium food that uses organ meat in many of their foods. Their foods are grain and gluten-free. According to the company, they say they have chosen to make foods this way because it more closely mirrors a dog’s natural diet. On the company web site, they […]

Evangers Dog Food

dog food.

Brief Overview Evangers dog food has been around since 1935 when Dr. Fred Evanger began making pure meat canned food for his Great Danes. In 2002 the company developed the concept of hand-packed pet food. They are an independent family-owned and operated pet food cannery. Most of their products are canned foods but they do […]

Primal Dog Food

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Brief Overview: Primal pet foods makes wholesome raw foods for dogs and cats. In business since 2001, they are based in San Francisco, California. They make complete and balanced formula diets as well as supplemental foods with their mixes and grinds line of products. They also make Primal Treats. The company says they use only […]