FirstMate Dog Food

Brief Overview FirstMate pet foods was founded in 1989 by Michael Florian. Florian was a former commercial fisherman who became involved in aquaculture. He developed his own feed company for salmon farming in British Columbia called Taplow. This led to the development of the pet food company in 1989. The company is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia (Canada), near Vancouver. According to the company web site, FirstMate introduced the very first pet specialty grain free food in 1995. They make both dog food and cat food, and Taplow Feeds continues to make fish feed. Their dog foods include limited ingredient canned foods, classic formula kibbles, grain free limited ingredient kibbles, and Skoki dog food, made under the Taplow label (corn and wheat-free, with all natural, regionally-sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest). Disclosure: Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which will direct you to our partner sites. If you purchase the pet foods we recommend through those links, we may earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. Who Manufactures FirstMate Dog Food? FirstMate/Taplow Feeds have their own manufacturing facilities and make their own foods. From the FirstMate web site: “Our modern machinery and advanced technology assures quality control. From the beginning Michael realized that he wanted control of production and ingredient supply. He did not wish [to] become just a marketing company. He always had pets and wanted to ensure that they, and all FirstMate customers, had access to a great food.” The canned foods are made in FirstMate’s own human-grade manufacturing facility in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. You can see a Plant Tour online: Note that this is a slightly idealized version of a plant with no actual pet food being made but it shows you what their plant looks like. FirstMate is a family-owned and operated manufacturer. They have complete product and quality control over their products. FirstMate Dog Food Recalls We did not find any recalls for FirstMate. According to information we found online, the company has never had a pet food recall. FirstMate has CFIA, USDA and European Union certification. 30% Off + Free Shipping on FirstMate Dog Food How To Redeem This Offer FirstMate Dog Food Coupons 2017 Check FirstMate’s Facebook page for any discounts. You can also sign up for the FirstMate newsletter on their web site. FirstMate Dog Food Overview FirstMate provides a very helpful brochure about their foods that can be downloaded from their web site: (lower right corner). According to the company, they use regionally-sourced ingredients from the Pacific Northwest to make all of their diets with the exception of the lamb in their foods which comes from Australia. As already noted, FirstMate was the first pet specialty food to introduce a grain free food in 1995. This food was a potato & fish diet that is now known as Pacific Ocean Fish. Their foods have since expanded into a variety of life stages but still include a number of grain free foods for both dogs and cats. The foods also contain fish oil to provide Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids for cardiovascular, joint, and brain health, as well as improved skin and coat. Their grain free Classic line of foods are made without corn, wheat, or soy. These foods rely on chicken and herring. According to FirstMate, at least 57 percent of the protein in the Classic line of foods comes from these meat and fish proteins or from anchovies, sardines, or Australian lamb. The Classic line also uses a combination of healthy, easy-to-digest grains such as brown rice, oatmeal, and barley. They also feature a mix of antioxidants from blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries for a healthy immune system, better eyesight, and improved memory. The foods also contain botanicals as digestive aids. The Classic line features four kibbles with relatively simple ingredients. The kibbles included in the Classic line are: Lamb Meal And Rice, Trim And Light, Maintenance, and High Performance. We can use the FirstMate Maintenance formula as a sample for this line. The first five ingredients in this food are: Chicken meal, pearled barley, oatmeal, brown rice, and chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols). The food has 26 percent crude protein, 15 percent crude fat, 4 percent crude fiber, 10 percent moisture, and 8 percent ash. (The ash percentage is higher than the industry average for ash content in kibble.) The food has 540 kcal per 130 grams/8 ounce cup. (This makes the food very high in calories.) According to FirstMate, 73 percent of the protein in the food comes from wild herring and chicken; and 27 percent of the protein comes from grains. Despite the name of the food, this food is AAFCO-approved for all life stages. According to FirstMate, their grain free, limited ingredient kibbles are unique. They say that their formulas are 100 percent nutritionally complete and use only one protein and one carbohydrate. Technically, this is what a limited ingredient diet is supposed to be, but most companies do not stick to this recipe. FirstMate says that this makes their foods more digestible and reduces stress on the body. It lessens the likelihood of an allergic reaction. FirstMate says that their grain free, limited ingredient diets can be fed as maintenance foods but they can also be fed to dogs with digestive problems or allergies. Here are the diets included in their grain free limited ingredient kibbles: Australian Lamb, Australian Lamb – Small Bites, Chicken With Blueberries, Chicken With Blueberries – Small Bites, Pacific Ocean Fish Endurance/Puppy, Pacific Ocean Fish Large Breed, Pacific Ocean Fish Original, Pacific Ocean Fish Original – Small Bites, Pacific Ocean Fish Weight Control/Senior, and Pacific Ocean Fish with Blueberries Treats. We can use the Pacific Ocean Fish Original formula as an example for this line of foods. The first five ingredients in this diet are: Potato, Pacific Ocean Fish Meal, Tomato Pomace, Chicken Fat* (preserved with mixed tocopherols), and Fish Oil. According to FirstMate, 73 percent of the protein in the food comes from wild Pacific Ocean fish; 27 percent of … Continue reading FirstMate Dog Food